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IP Location Database

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IP Location Database

Updated: March 8, 2012

Real time Database Application

This is highly accurate IP location database that could be used for IP tracing.
Database includes Organization and ISP information (worldwide coverage).

IP Location Database


Highest accuracy with over 99.5% on a country level and up to 79% on a city level.

Worldwide coverage (the current database includes 3,369,864,304 IP addresses)

IP Location database contains country, region, area code, metro code, city, postal code, ISP and Organization data.

CSV files and MySQL dump included in one ZIP file.

Data Structure:
The data is structured into separate files (or tables) which map ip addresses to locations, organizations and ISPs.
Each line consists of a start IP number, an end IP number and the respective data.
IP addresses are given in IPv4 Internet network address format (e.g. 2130706433) instead of Internet standard dotted format (e.g.
Additional files which contain location details as well as countries and regions.
CSV files contain raw data which can be adopted to specific needs. To fully profit from these files some programming skills required.
Easier solution - download the MySQL dump.

File Size: 207.74Mb.

DOWNLOAD IP Location Database

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